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Need A Car Accident Attorney In Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has over 12 million residents and there are over 25,000 miles of roadways in and around Los Angeles. Altogether, Los Angelinos drive approximately 270 million miles every day. With so many people on the roads, it is inevitable that someone will end up involved in an automobile accident. It doesn’t matter how safe of a driver you are; the risk is ever-present for anyone on the road. When a car accident happens to you, you need the experience, guidance and legal knowledge that only a personal injury attorney can provide.

About Auto Accidents In California

Car accidents result in the death of over 700 Los Angelinos each year, and more than 80,000 reported injuries. Two-car accidents are the most commonly reported type of crash in California. The No. 1 type of vehicle accident is the rear-end collision. Broadside crashes, such as T-bone accidents, are the second most common type of accident, followed by collisions that result from a driver making an improper left-hand turn. Improper turning may involve failure to look before turning across oncoming traffic, failure to properly signal a turn, and turning where turning is illegal. Many other scenarios involving the following types of accidents in traffic cause injuries and fatalities in Los Angeles every year

  • Multiple-vehicle accidents
  • Trucking accidents and other commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents and other crashes involving small motorized vehicles, such as golf carts and scooters
  • Bus and train accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

Whatever type of accident injured you or a family member, KRA Legal PC is a valuable resource, ready to get an investigation underway. Initial consultations are free and if we represent you, you will not owe attorneys fees until you receive a payout through a settlement or verdict.

What If An Accident Involves A Ride-Share Vehicle?

Your car may have been struck by a Lyft or Uber vehicle or you may have been injured as a paying passenger in one of these cars. How might this affect your claim for compensation? All Lyft and Uber driving occurs in the drivers’ private vehicles. It often turns out that a driver only has a personal insurance policy and not a commercial one. For this reason, you may hit a stone wall when the driver’s insurer refuses to pay on a claim because a crash occurred when the driver was operating for Lyft or Uber.

Insurance complications were a problem in quite a few accidents involving ride-sharing drivers in the early days of these services. Fortunately, however, Lyft and Uber as companies now provide insurance for their drivers designed to bridge the gap between drivers’ own insurance and the demands of injury claims against Lyft and Uber drivers. The amount of compensation available may vary, depending on where the driver was in the process of getting and providing rides at the time of a crash.

For best results getting through the red tape and complex claims processes after a ride-share-related accident in the Los Angeles area, work with attorney Kenechi R. Agu, who is skilled in technology and analysis. His in-depth knowledge of the most efficient, effective legal pathways to relief for the injured can be an asset in your case.

Truck Accidents: Often Serious Or Deadly

People injured in truck accidents are most often occupants of passenger vehicles struck by trucks. Others are motorcyclists, bicyclists and others on the road. Injuries caused by truck accidents tend to be serious or catastrophic. The weight and momentum of a truck are often a deadly combination in collisions with other vehicles.

Discovering the cause of a truck accident can make a significant difference in the outcome of a claim brought by an injured person or surviving family members. Was the truck driver fatigued? Were the truck’s safety features not working as they should? Was the truck’s load imbalanced? An investigation into these and other potential causes is essential as you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

When KRA Legal PC is on your side after a big rig crash or any commercial vehicle accident, you can count on thorough review of all evidence and vigorous advocacy to help you cope with serious or catastrophic injuries or the loss of a loved one.

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